To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We had our Mission Leadership Council today. We started a little different. President Russell began with a "Captain Moroni" moment. He talked about Alma 46:12-13, then he took off his suit coat and untied his tie and ripped his shirt open, buttons went flying everywhere!  (Of course he was wearing another shirt and tie under that one.) He then 'tore' the back off the shirt and it read, "In the OEM we teach repentance and baptize converts". It surprised everyone, and I think they all got the point. Unfortunately the video was too large to put on the blog. It was pretty great, though.

Later in the MLC we had one of several 'role plays'. Two of the missionaries are the investigators and the two facing them are the missionaries. These are great because we see just how fantastic our missionaries are at teaching.

The approaches are as different as the missionaries are from each other. You can see Elder Hoskins talking (on the left) as his 'companions' (Elder Deppe and Elder Murphy) listen. Elder Cook and Elder Wardle are the 'investigators' right now.

Here, Elder Mafi and Elder Finlinson are being taught by Sister Jones and Sister Figueroa.

It looks serious as Sister Gregory and Sister Alldredge teach Elder Harrison and Elder Jenson.

President Cropper is teaching about the Book of Mormon.

 Sometimes the role play is done in front of all the other missionaries. Elder Wardle (he gets around) and Elder Bushman, and Sister Vance and Sister Hart listen to instructions from President Cropper.

President Lowary is back with us! He's doing wonderfully. He also teaches on the Book of Mormon.

Lunch time!!! President Russell is taking the pictures today. This means he doesn't necessarily wait for them to look at the camera.

 There is no posing this time. Not sure if Elder Johnson is looking at the camera or at Elder Nelson.

 Now, here's a scary bunch (not really though); Elder Dopp, Elder Cronin, and Elder Hill.

 The cute Sisters are engaged in eating as well. 

You can see Elder Mata just enjoying the missionaries around him.

 Elder Willits gets ready to eat a chip as Elder Flake walks by to get seconds.

 Okay! A photo-op! Sister Broadhead, Sister Doxey, Elders Wright and Borden. Elder Mafi talking with Sister Udall and Sister Nowell. Beyond them is Sister Rasmussen and Sister Morgan. On the right side of the table is Elder Thibault and Elder Knell.

Sister Vance and Sister Mills smile big. Sister Vance actually trained Sister Mills, so in missionary lingo Sister Vance is the mom and Sister Mills is the daughter.

Elder Danley has taken on the responsibility to make sure all of the missionaries are hydrated. Far left: Elder Bushman, Sister Sidhu, Sister Figueroa, Elders Miller, Larsen, Kroll, and Davis finish their lunch.

Here Elder Davis is hydrating (thank you, Elder Danley!) Elder Lambson is talking to, what's this; Elder Wardle again!? as Elder Bunker listens.

The Sisters fixed an awesome lunch straight from Olive Garden! It was amazing! Sister Danley and Sister Bullock (Sister Mabey must be in the kitchen) are being helped by President Cropper.

I guess it pay-back time. I always get a shot of President Russell eating. 

Um, not sure about this shot of Elder Hill. Believe it or not, he knew I was taking his picture. I bet he wanted to say "Hi! mom!" Elder Cronin just smiles.

I got the camera back.

 The leadership of the OEM: The zone leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and District Leaders.