To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Saturday, December 10, 2016

We love MLC!! However, I can only take pictures while they eat lunch. 

 Elder Dopp and President Cropper give me that contented smile that says they are filling up on these wonderful turkey sandwiches

Elder Holman gives that "I'm full" thumbs up and president Russell smiles, but closes his eyes.

Elder Knell, Elder Wright, and Sister Rasmussen are at different stages of lunch.

 Sister Vance and Sister Heiden just happened to be walking by and I wanted to catch them. Elder Thibault looks on.

 Elder Thibault smiles, Elder Jarrard gets ready to take a drink, Sister Morgan and Sister Broadhead are the epitome of sunshine!

 Check out the peaceful zone leaders; Elder Harrison and Elder Miller. Elder Harrison is just getting over a terrible cold and was kind enough to give it to his companion. 

 You are looking at two STLs that love the work and are always happy.

 Elder Lambson holds off on taking a bite, however, Elder Watson loves the action shots. Sister Figueroa and Sister Sidhu just go on happily eating.

Elder Fowers and Elder Hill do that manly 'eat your lunch' pose, while Sister Gregory and Sister Wilson display their beautiful smiles. Sister Gregory has her hand on Sister Wilson head, I'm pretty sure that's because it is the only  time she can even reach Sister Wilson head. They are both so cute!

Elder Finlinson, Elder Baker, and Sister Johnson show us their pearly white teeth.

Elder Cronin says, "I think she's taking our picture", Elder Wagstaff says, "Is she still there?" Elder Cronin replies, "Yep." Sister Wood smiles and Sister Santa Maria is pretty excited about her turkey sandwich.

Elder Barclay and Elder Gage look, well, full. Sister Mills and Sister Dobbs have permanent cheerful faces

Sister Doxey and Sister Steele pause for a photo-op while Elders Wardle and Flake give me a bit of a cynical smile.

And, last but not least; Sister Jones and Sister Alldredge just wait for me to come around to their table so they can show me a super exciting package of Doritos. I may have gotten Elder Hatch mid-bite and Elder Huntsman right after a bite.

The Mission Leadership council of the OEM. Some of whom this is their last MLC, and their last last two weeks in the mission.