To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Friday, December 23, 2016

At the transfer spot again! Didn't we just have transfers a few weeks ago??? Yep, we did, five weeks ago. The Church moved up the transfer by a week to avoid traveling the weeks before Christmas.

 Elder Holman was kind enough to help the Sisters with their luggage. Truthfully, I don't think they could have gotten that suitcase out of the trunk alone, it's heavy!

Everyone pitches in to get the luggage in the trailers to go to many areas in the mission.

Notice the contrast; Elder Thompson (third from the left) is in shirt sleeves while Elder Chiu, to his left, is freezing with his winter coat on.

 Elder Smith is just happy to be here!

Sister Stimpson and and Sister Payne are just cute together. They will no longer be companions.

Sisters are almost always happy! And why not; we are in the best mission ever!

Sister Phipps always has the Sisters around her. They love her, and sadly, she and Elder Phipps are leaving to go back to Alabama Friday. We will miss them both so much!

Elder Fowers is looking busy, how's he doing at it??

 These Elders; Elder Anderl, Elder Baxter, and Elder Morris are having a good time while Elder Briceno takes notes.

Elder Hill is engaged in a conversation with Elders Holman and Dopp. It must serious, like "where are you stopping for lunch?"

 Sister Nowell (far right) is not even cold in this frigid weather. While Sisters Viiga, Chen, and Hepworth are dressed for the winter.

Such beauty all in one semi-circle!

 Sister Simmons can't contain her joy. Next to her is Sister Dobbs, who is going home (not so excited). Sister Van Leuven and Sister Payne (she gets around) keep on smiling!

Elder Blair is all smiles, well, he's always all smiles. That's a happy missionary!

Waiting for the transfer van. We have to rent one to get all of the missionaries to the various zones in the mission. It's all extremely organized by the Assistants.

Sister Phipps saying goodbye, as this is her last transfers, last week, and last Monday as a missionary in the Oregon Eugene Mission. We will miss her!!!

President Russell joins the Elders waiting.

One last smile, Sister Phipps!