To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Two weeks ago we had our friends from Utah visit us. Grant and Dona Short have been our friends for almost 40 years. It was great to spend a day with them.
Then, it was time for MLC, this month we had our meeting at Camp Alpine. (I was not there this time, as I had another appointment I had to be to). There are several strategy courses there to teach you how to work together.  

 This is the Teeter-Totter. Everyone must try to balance together or you will all fall off.

They were all pretty good at this one!

This is 'swing across the sharks' with Elder Kung leading the way.

Sister Crandall makes it with encouragement from her fellow Sister Training Leaders.

Here they are crossing the stumps. You must work as a team and each person must be stepping on a stump at all times.

Elder Arias makes this look easy.

Here are some of the leadership of our mission.

Sometimes it doesn't look as easy, but Sister Aguilar did it!!

On this course, you walk across a rope with a partner (the Holy Ghost) directing you along the way.

The Elders work together as well.

Elder Black makes it across!

Sister Ansus is going so fast it looks blurry!

Check out the smile on Sister Connelly's face!

Sister Chang gets some last-minute advice before she crosses the sharks.

Teams gather together for a photo op.

The missionaries gather around President Russell for this shot.

Sister Poulson just completed the monkey bridge.

This is probably not the most difficult event judging from their smiling faces. (Sister Steele, Sister Viiga, Elder Earl, and Elder Moser)

President Cropper joins one of the teams

Another group walks across the stumps.

Sister Geisler tried really hard!!

Walking to another event.

Our fantastic office missionaries preparing lunch, they are wonderful!!!

Elder and Sister Phipps are in charge of the barbecuing.

Waiting patiently outside for lunch, they earned it!

Of course we have training in addition to the challenges.

The mission leadership!!

President Russell teaches President Lowary and President Cropper how to balance. they're pretty good!