To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our MLC (Mission Leadership Council) is held on the first Tuesday of every month, then the zone leaders and STLs take everything back to their zones for a ZTM (zone training meeting) held on the first Friday after MLC. President Russell and I went to Klamath Falls this time.

They decided to re-enact the games played at Camp Alpine (with some variations). 

 The Elders were all standing on a blanket and they had to turn the blanket over while standing on it. Here they decided that maybe there were too many feet on the blanket, so some got on others backs. (that didn't work so well).

Here, they prepare a strategy. They must work together.

The Sisters get right to it.

The Elders try a new plan.

Yeah, okay, that didn't work. 

The Sisters do it!

The Elders try again.

 The Sisters do it again for them and give them advice.

Okay, they're getting closer...sort of.

 And they did it!!!!!
Next, they re-enact the crossing of the stumps. But Stumps are in short supply here in Klamath so they use car mats. They must be stepping on each mat or it melts into the 'lava' if left empty for even  one second.

They've go this one...almost. 

 Let's look at this a little more closely.

Hey, what if I pick up the last mat and send it up to the front and we get to the end that way!

 So, they try that.

Wait! We have to be holding hands! We'll put it between our knees and pass it up that way.

There are some set-backs.

Yeah, some things don't work as well as others.

But, we learn by trying different things.

Mission accomplished!!!

Then the Sisters tried...

...and succeeded.

The last challenge was to hold hands (both hands) with other people in your circle which forms a knot. Then you get out of the knot without letting go of the hands.

To get untangled it requires some physical dexterity.

Again, this requires team work.

 "Let's talk about what we're going to do."

 "Okay, you go through here and under my arm..."

"Um, how come I'm facing the wrong way?'

 "Look, I'm an Eagle Scout and I've never had this knot before!"

 "We're almost there, Sisters!!"

 "Wait, weren't we just here?"

 "Yeah, I think so. But it didn't work."

"I'm so grateful for all of those years of ballet." 

"And we did it!!!"

"So, Elder is your arm supposed to turn that way?"

 "Yeah, I didn't think so."

 "I think we're close!!"

"Did you ever see the Nutcracker?"

"While you're down there, could you put in a good word for this group?" 

"We. Are. Awesome!!!"

It was a great meeting, everyone had fun and learned many things.