To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Welcome to the greatest mission on earth!!!
 We picked up the missionaries at the airport and we got our first picture together outside in the parking lot.
 The pictures at the airport was not the best, as there were many cars in the parking lot, so we took another picture in front of the mission home.
After the missionaries got to the mission home we fed them lunch and the Assistances and I did a little training as the president interviewed each new missionary. After the training and interviews we had dinner. then we sent the missionaries out with other missionaries to go to their appointments. 
Then, they returned and each told of their experience. Finally, at about 9:15 we send them to bed. The Sisters stayed at the mission home and the Elders went with the Assistances to their apartment.
 The next morning we fed them breakfast and took them to the stake center. After a short program we move to the cultural hall where the senior office couples train them.  Then, they are introduced to their trainers! This is always fun because the trainer and trainee are so excited to meet each other.
Introducing the newest missionaries to the OEM:

Sister Roach is being trained by Sister Viiga.

 Elder Davis is with his trainer, Elder Kroll 

 Elder Lambson is with his trainer Elder Fowers

 Elder Call is with his trainer Elder Wagstaff

Sister Simmons is with her trainer 
Sister Brownlee

Sister Dobbins is being trained by Sister Allen

Sister Morgan is with Sister Figeroa, her trainer

Sister Lunt is with Sister Alldredge, her trainer

Sister Rhees is with her trainer Sister Newsome

 Sister Leavitt is with her trainer Sister Gregory

 Sister Peterson is with Sister Sowter, her trainer

Sister Payne is with her trainer Sister Schrecongost
The newest missionaries!

                                     And they join the best trainers in the OEM!

After that, they leave for their new areas.

Elder Sutterfield has just removed the bike rack from Sister Alldredge and Sister Lunt's car. 
All of our Sisters are in cars. 

President Russell is helping Sister Peterson with her luggage

Check out the happiness with Sister Payne and Sister Schrecengost!

Sister Figeroa is making sure all is ready for her and Sister Morgan

Sister Brownlee gives the 'thumbs up' with Sister Simmons

 Sister Viiga is so excited to be with Sister Roach

Elder  Davis gives us one last pose as he gets ready to leave with Elder Kroll.

Sister Peterson and Sister Sowter almost forgot their snacks that the office Sisters make for each missionary. 

Oh yeah, Elder Fowers is ready to take on the world with Elder Lambson!

One last parting shot with Sisters Dobbins, Gregory, Leavitt, and Sister Allen.

Each companionship will call the president tonight and tell him that the 'greatest companionship in the world' is ready to go!