To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Again, I apologize for the delay in posting on the blog. One phrase President Russell has repeated many times is "Any excuse for non-performance, no matter how valid, only weakens the character." So, rather than weakening my character any further, I will start with the departing temple trip to the Medford temple with three of the best missionaries ever; Elder Perrine, Sister Stucki, and Sister Vance.

Later that week President Russell and I went to Coos Bay for zone conference. The zone leaders had challenged the zone to get 50 new investigators in one week. If they did the zone leaders would have a pie throwing contest, well, everyone could throw pies at them! Needless to say, they ended up with 63 new investigators!! President Russell bought the pies!

The first pie was thrown at Elder Roller. Elder Cho kind of chuckled...for a second.

 Maybe Elder Cho is still smiling, can't tell.

We had a total of 17 pies!

Some really threw their pie hard! And then we had some slap the pies on their heads.

Elder Jarrard looks satisfied with his direct hit, while Elder Carter is in the wings.

 The zone was having entirely too much fun!

Another top of the head shot.

Sister Poulsen got a little crazy while Sister Rasmussen hurries to get out of the line of fire.

After about 10 pies, the Elders and Sisters decided that maybe it would be better to actually save the pies and eat them instead of wasting them. 

The zone is happy, the floor is a mess, and Elder Roller and Elder Cho are thinking that they probably won't do that again.

And immediately Elder Carter springs into action and gets the mop from the custodial closet and begins to clean up. He's awesome!! 

And everything looks the way it did before we can in.

We welcomed a new senior couple to the OEM! Elder and Sister Jacobson 
come to us from
 Dubois, Idaho. We are excited to have them here! 
They will be serving in Yreka, CA.

 We love them!!!

It's time for transfers again. We say good-bye to Sister Stucki, Sister Vance, and Elder Perrine. They all served valiantly.