To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's time for 34 of our missionaries to return home with honor.
President Russell has them come in from their areas on Sunday because he has to interview each one and with 34 that takes more than one day.
So, what do they do in the mission home?

 I have each one of them make me a scrape book page. I have several different kinds of paper and other supplies so they can make them super cute!

 Sister Healy is checking out Sister Petersen's work.

 We also have some games for them to play.
Sister Dougherty and Haugen give me bright smiles,

 Sister Call and Sister Burrell are working on their iPads.

 Sister Crabb, Elder Simpson, and Elder McDowell play Skipbo.

Now Elder Smith joins in.
All the while, president Russell is interviewing each missionary.

More creative juices flow; Elder Sharp and Elder Kunz work on their scrape book pages.

 Look at the concentration here! Elder Beasley shows us his thoughtful pose.
And here we have a game of Head Banzz!

 Don't they look cute? Soon everyone will want to wear Head Banzz.

 More people than head banzz, so, some just hold the card on their head.
These two special women, Sister Johnson and Sister Younger are preparing the dinner for all of these missionaries! They are incredible.

 I walked into the living room and they were playing  a game called Missionary Mafia(?). Apparently, someone chooses a murderer, a detective, an angel, and the victim. Then, that person tells a story about  how the victim was killed.

Somehow I got roped into telling the story...

 First, I had to pick a murderer, detective, angel, and victim ( I really did not understand how the game was played). 

 Then, came the story, that I could do!

 ....still not sure how to play, but I can tell a story.

They liked the story, but I never learned how to play.
One last group shot of our wonderful missionaries...

 ...and then the crazy poses.

 The last, and I think the best part of it all is the testimony meeting that night.

We have a tradition that we always take a picture with the two Assistants and the one going home in the backseat of the car. Elder Boyd; We love you! You are an amazing missionary and we will miss you. The Assistants are now Elder Nash and we welcome Elder Workman!

 A last 'selfie' (it's been a long day for Sister Cathro and Sister Call).
At the airport

We doubled the amount of people at the airport.

We returned to a very quiet house and I found these post-its on the bathroom mirror.
 It said, "We love you, thanks for all you do!".

President Russell and I love all of our missionaries!