To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It's  time for MLC again!! 

Sister Hepworth and Sister Hart are always happy! Elder Watson seems startled.

I got pictures of Elder Thompson and Elder Carter, but you will see them again!

I caught Elder Finlinson on is way to his table. 

 Lunch was so good, that Sister Asregadoo and Sister Santa Maria can't stop grinning!

Sister Sowter and Sister Peterson smile for me as Sister Phipps walks by.

Look at more beautiful Sisters! Sister Persson, Sister Figueroa, and Sister Alldredge!

 I think I caught Sister Sidhu by surprise, not so much with Sister Rhees.

 Could Sister Johnson, Sister Vance, and Sister Wood smile any bigger?!

 One has to wonder what is on the mind of Sister Doxey and Sister Woolf. Well, you can tell they are enjoying lunch.

I couldn't get Sister Dobbs in the picture with the other Sisters, so Sister Woolf gets to be in two!

Elder Gage, Elder Holman, and Elder Hatch each pose in their own way.

 Elder Dopp and Elder Bushman paused long enough to smile for me.

We'll call this the 'standing group'. Elders Wardle, Fowers. Fernelius, and Lambson can eat anywhere.

Elder Flake and Elder Watson are really enjoying lunch!

Elder Opper joins Elders Finlinson, and Watson all too happy to grin for me.

Elder Thompson (left) looks like he wants to say something(?) Elder Carter moves around! Elder Etherington is showing us that he's eating healthy with a celery stick. (Sister Hepworth seems surprised to see him eating celery). And Elder Finlinson is also trying to eat healthy.

Elder Wagstaff and Elder Hill are ready for the photo op.

Elder Harrison and Elder Barclay give a huge smile!

Some of these Elders I had to chase around to get a picture. Ha! I got Elder Poston and Elder Wright!

This is our cute Sister Phipps. She,  along with Sister Mabey and Sister Bullock prepared this delicious lunch!

As you can see, Sister Bullock is doing some real arm twisting to get them to take a piece of cake!

 Sister Mabey is also offering cake to the missionaries. It was so good!!

This is the OEM leadership