To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Every month on the first Tuesday we have MLC. It is usually held in Eugene, but every once in a while we have it somewhere else. This month it was in Medford.


The assistants asked all of the zone leaders and STLs to break up into seven groups and discuss the 7 bullet points in Chapter One of Preach My Gospel

I'm not quite sure what's happening in group One, but Elder Etherington is being 'picked on' by Elder Poston while the rest of the group looks on with interest.

 A very lively discussion is going on in group Two. Elder West is instructing. Sister Fausett and Sister Viiga seem amused.

Elder Thibault (pronounced T-Bow) is having a laugh with Elder Flake to the left. Elder Adams, to the right, just about to break out in a smile.

 Elder Thompson seems to be reading the assignment to Sister Allen (left), Sister Figueroa, Sister Doxey, Sister Dobbs, and Sister Peterson, who are all listening intently.

Elder Fowers (in the middle) is really into the discussion, he has a strong opinion! Sister Persson seems to be enjoying it, however, Elder Hill (front left) seems to be pondering still.

Group Six are the most relaxed of the bunch. Sister Alldredge (far right) is taking notes, Sister Steele and Sister Hart to her left, just smile. Sister Holiday and Sister Sidhu are also listening to  Elder Bushman who is doing the talking.

Apparently Group Seven went somewhere else and I didn't get a picture (can they do that???)

After more training by President Russell, President Lowary, President Cropper, and myself we had lunch!

President Cropper looks on his laptop and President Lowary is showing me that he has water! Great job, President Lowary!

I always ask them to smile, but  sometimes lunch is much more important than a photo op. Elder Watson needs to eat that potato chip!

 This group seems a little more subdued, however  they are still enjoying this awesome meal!

Elder Blake really does like to smile, and he is happy,  I must have caught him off guard. Elder Thompson eats his potato chips, those chips must be phenomenal!

 Yep, it's the chips! Sister Hart holds up the package. Look at all those smiles, these Sisters are all beautiful!

Our next group of lovely Sisters is prepared for a great picture! Look not one potato chip in sight!

We'll call these Elders the picnickers, they can eat lunch without a table!

 Elder Hill sits next to President Cropper, while President Russell talks on the phone (not an uncommon sight).

 Sister Asregadoo and Sister VanLeuven enjoy lunch, it was really good!!

Check out all the smiles! Sister Poulsen and Sister Allen (left) are the best of friends and sadly will be leaving us at the next transfer

Elder Holman, one of the president's Assistants gives the thumbs-up sign (it probably has something to do with the potato chips). Elder Finlinson, the president's other Assistant is pretty content.

Do you think Elder Fowers loves his grapes??!! More thumbs-up from the Elders, what a lunch!!!

 One final shot of lunch with Sisters Alldredge, Peterson, and Dobbs.

 These wonderful sisters fixed this fantastic lunch for us! We are extremely grateful for their time and sacrifice for us!

Sister MaryAnn Cropper is the Relief Society president, she is the fearless leader!! 
And here is a shot seen ever so often; President Russell talking to a missionary, or to a stake president, or parents, or a General Authority. He loves the work! We both love all of these missionaries, they are like our own children.