To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 5, 2016 MLC
Elder Hinton and Elder Whyte were teaching on planning. They put the mission leadership into groups and gave each group a senario they might come up when teaching an investigator; like Word of Wisdom, etc. They had to discuss how they would plan for the lesson in companionship planning. 

The discussions were well thought out.

 The missionaries are encouraged to use their iPads, especially the LDS Pamphlets app.

 Everyone was contributing to the discussion.

 While listening, I could tell why this was the mission leadership. they are all quite involved.

President Russell listens in.

They used the scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and the iPad.

Elder Wardle is standing with crutches because a few weeks ago he thought he could stop a car from hitting a cement barrier with his knee. 

Elder Blackwelder is leading this discussion.

 The ideas were amazing.

Some weren't quite as focused. 

 This break-out session was exceptional.

There were some great ideas shared to take back to their zones and districts.
 We had a special guest speaker. Sister Christine Taylor, a recent convert came and shared her conversion story with us. Her missionaries were Elder Lambert (with the thumbs-up) and Elder Gage. Elder Watson was companions with Elder Lambert when they first began teaching her.

As always, our office missionaries fix the best lunches! Here is Sister Phipps (in front) and Sister Sutterfield (behind) preparing a wonderful meal!

And Sister Christensen sets out the cups and napkins. 
 We get back together for more training and a prayer on the food.

Our beautiful Sisters!!

 Elder Halam.

Our wonderful Elders, and Elder Halam (he's wonderful as well).

 More Elders, and Elder Halam can really get around.

Sister Taylor stayed for lunch, we were so happy to spend a little more time with her. Elder Watson is sitting next to her.

More amazing Sisters...and Elder Halam.
                                             This is a happy bunch!

Sister Connelly and Sister Holiday are two of the most cheerful, fantastic Sisters ever!!

More handsome Elders.

Everyone is enjoying lunch.

 Elder Harrison is truly one of the best of the best. Elder Johnson (behind) is pretty great as well.

 President Russell, Elder Whyte, and President Cropper get ready to begin again.

 I am able to stand next to this good-looking guy!

I have never seen Elder Carter (left) without a smile! Elder Cluff is having fun as well.

Look out for these four!! Elder Thompson, Elder Arias, Elder Bushman, and Elder Gage, they look like trouble (but they really aren't).

Elder Huntsman, Elder Tonini, and in the back, Elder Blackwelder.

Dessert!!! Elder Moser, Elder Opper, and Elder Etherington.

Sister Sutterfield and Elder Black are having a deep discussion.

 Lunch was a success, as usual! Sister Christensen with Sister Phipps and in the back, Elder Dopp with Elder Sutterfield.

MLC would not be the same without a selfie with Elder Black!