To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

To the Friends and Family of President and Sister Russell

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's transfer time again (has it really been six weeks????)
One of the meeting places is the 18th Street building, so called because, 
you guessed it, 
it's on 18th Street. They are waiting for the transfer van.

There are those being transferred and also those that want to come and say good bye.

 One has to wonder; is it because it's transfer day, or P-Day that everyone is SO happy and excited. Well, almost everybody, Elder Despain is thinking (I'm sure) about being happy.

 I have never seen these Sisters anything but HAPPY!
Photo Op!!
Everybody poses. Elder Despain is still thinking about being happy, and getting closer!!

 Elder Jarrard is giving the partial parade wave, while Elder Richens gives us a shy thumbs up!
 Elder Harmon gives a real thumbs up. Elder Hyde, who has been the president's assistant for the past nine months is holding up his journal and smiling bright as he gets ready to go to 'paradise': Coos Bay to be a zone leader.

 Elder Fakahua has nothin' but love for everyone and Elder Chia is another 'thumbs up' kinda guy. Ya gotta wonder what's going on in Elder Greer's mind!
Okay, here's the story, as I remember it. Elder Ayre is holding a box of Waffle Crisp cereal. Elder Ayre and Elder Fakahua were companions with a missionary who was serving a mini mission and they happen to have three boxes of this cereal in their apartment. The missionary on the mini mission ate two of the boxes! So, Waffle Crisp is now the cereal of choice.